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Providing a safe haven for victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) by offering physical and emotional support, while working to prevent and reduce all forms of violence in South Arkansas.

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Intimate Partner Violence Intervention and Prevention

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Getting out of an abusive relationship or situation isn’t easy, but you deserve to live free of fear. Turning Point of South Arkansas is here to provide help for abused and battered women, men, and their children.

We welcome all who may have questions or concerns, who need support and resources, and who are seeking guidance and connection. Whether you have experienced abuse, harassment or violence in the past, whether you have had a recent experience, or whether you are concerned for a friend, we are here to listen. We hope to provide you options and resources that help you choose your next steps and a path to healing and recovery.

Gun related domestic violence fatalities this year
0 Million
People a year are physically abused by an intimate partner
Calls are placed a day to domestic violence hotlines
of women in the United States have been raped

Turning Point of South Arkansas

Turning Point of South Arkansas is a domestic and other violence assault organization that offers comprehensive prevention and intervention services to women, men and children in Union County, Arkansas. Since 1983, Turning Point of South Arkansas has provided safe emergency shelter to victims and their children. In addition to immediate care, the organization provides resources and family support services to improve the safety and well-being of those in the community.


Need Assistance, call 870-862-0929
CALL 870-862-0929